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I took out a homeowner's and auto policy to be effective April 4, 2016. Ameriprise took information by phone as do other companies and submitted a quote. The price was good, but within a week I had to complete paper forms that simply confirmed the verbal information by phone. A few weeks later an inspector who was independently contracted by CIS, their underwriters, called to make an appointment for exterior and interior inspections. I was told that this was necessary since the coverage was above a certain threshold specified by the insurer. I was contacted on a Friday afternoon and given an option of three days within a seven-day time frame for the inspection. Since I had prior commitments for those days, I suggested an inspection the following week, he retorted that the inspection MUST be done earlier. I then suggested that he do the exterior inspection and measurements when he was in the area and the interior inspection at a later date when I would be home. This suggestion was, likewise, rejected. In essence, Ameriprise wants inspections, but does not offer flexibility in scheduling. So if a homeowner is out of town or hospitalized, or has some other obligation that cannot be changed in an instant, Ameriprise is ever so eager to issue a letter cancelling coverage -- after they have collected an entire year's premium. One would think that a company would not cancel after one month of committing to insure and after only one attempt to schedule an inspection and that appointments could be made within perhaps a 30-day time frame. No one wants to cancel or return early from a cruise or leave the hospital after open-heart surgery to give an inspector a house tour. If Ameriprise wants to continue in business, it must consider the needs, schedules, and concerns of its clients.

Furthermore, inspections are done by independent contractors of a third party company, not employees of the underwriting company or Ameriprise. Needless to say, these contractors have no special building credentials or academic training, and neither CIS nor Ameriprise have any control over them. They are paid by the job. Thus, clients are expected to invite complete strangers into their home who are only, at best, loosely connected to the insurer. These strangers then expect to photo every detail of the home and literally can do anything with these pictures that they choose. When asked what types of things were photographed, one of the three things specified was a safe if the client had one. This, of course, would make any homeowner uncomfortable. It's really scary that Ameriprise condones sending in any Joe off the street to photograph art, safes and security systems in high-end homes. It seems relatively easy to get an assignment since CIS has its Registration form accessible for anyone to fill out on-line.

If Ameriprise wants pictures to verify and estimate re-construction costs, it should send its own employees or allow homeowners to submit pictures of all rooms or items from a checklist. At the very least, since homeowners are contacted by independent contractors seeking appointments as opposed to an Ameriprise agent, there should be ample time allotted to verify whether or not the person calling is a legitimate vendor of CIS services. Policies should be drafted that insure the safety and well-being of clients and their property.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of lack of commitment to client and customer service totally unacceptable. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of ameriprise insurance homeowners insurance. Ameriprise Insurance needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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