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Terrible customer service, my car was vandalize while it was parked, we file a claim, it had two dents pretty much in the same area, one on the other side,, i don't know how this third one happened maybe somebody went all around the car and hit it. but Ameriprise broke it up into 3 different incidents with no proof or evidence they just said it was three differ occasions.and off course i had to pay three different deductibles! stay away from...
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She only took my statement on that one phone call and wanted photos of my auto. I sent her them but she conveniently claimed she did not get them. I had my agent equally remiss send them to her 4-4-16 got a letter same date saying she was waiting for them still and body shop statement. My agent says he sent them and they got through but do not really know no one will verify in writing, imagine that. Then told by my agent she accepted...
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I didn't like
  • Katrina martinez
  • Customer service totally unacceptable